At Candriam we have wide-ranging bond expertise, enabling us to provide you with solutions that exploit inefficiencies across the fixed income universe.

We have been steadily expanding our range of fixed income funds over the last 25 years, capitalising on new opportunities as the bond markets have developed. Today, we run EUR 32 billion in fixed income portfolios.


Vincent HamelinkExecutive Committee CIO
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A common philosophy

While we manage a wide range of bond funds, they are all based on three key beliefs.

  1. Bond markets are inefficient. With this in mind, we have built detailed valuation frameworks to exploit pricing anomalies.
  2. Bonds have an asymmetric risk profile. So we have developed rigorous credit rating models to select the most attractive bond issues.
  3. Unwanted risks can be embded during portfolio construction. To counteract this, we use strict risk-budgeting processes to minimise your exposure to risk.

An awarded bond manager

Our bond funds regularly receive recognition from independent experts in the form of fund awards.

What’s more, over 80% of our bond funds have been awarded between three and five Morningstar stars based on their strong returns.

A large spectrum of expertise

We run a wide range of fixed income strategies, all of which are available as mutual funds or fully customisable mandates.

  • Investment-grade corporate bonds
  • Global bonds: government, aggregate, international, and unconstrained
  • Emerging market debt: hard currency Emerging, local currency Emerging and eastern European Emerging
  • Money market: classic and short-term

A well-resourced, experienced investment team

Our fixed income team consists of 19 fund managers with an average of over 13 years of investment experience.

They are split into three centres of excellence focusing on discrete areas of the fixed income markets – global bonds, corporate bonds and emerging market debt. This enables them to focus on their areas of expertise while benefiting from the advantages of working closely alongside each other.

And with information-sharing a part of everyone’s daily lives at Candriam, the team receives ongoing support from our dedicated fixed income traders, research teams, investment engineers, SRI analysts and risk managers to help them maximise the risk-adjusted returns of their portfolios.

Applying conviction and responsibility in our bond portfolios

With all three of our fixed income specialized teams made up of experts in their field, they are able to home in on the very best opportunities in the bond markets.

Our portfolio managers are fully responsible for building our portfolios, allocating risk budgets, minimising correlations and delivering the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Why choose Candriam to manage your fixed income portfolio

We believe there are some excellent reasons to choose Candriam to manage your bond assets:

  • Long-standing, broadly recognised fixed income expertise. We have been managing bonds for over 25 years, and our funds regularly win awards across Europe
  • Smart coverage of the fixed income universe. We research the entire fixed income universe, using a large set of tools to perform bottom-up and analyses
  • A methodical investment process that relies on fundamental analysis and in-house quantitative models to exploit bond opportunities
  • An experienced, stable investment team consisting of 19 bond experts split into specialist sub-teams
  • Anticipating our clients’ needs. We have steadily innovated and expanded our range of solutions over the years, providing our investors with new ways to capitalise on opportunities in the bond markets as they arise

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